7 april 2020

Caribou, St. Vincent, Metronomy, Portugal. The Man, Amenra, Gojira, Cold War Kids, Deerhoof, Roosbeef, Blood Red Shoes, The Dodos, Selah Sue, Drive Like Maria, Slagsmalsklubben, JOHAN, New Cool Collective, Nobody Beats The Drum, Daily Bread, Awkward I, The Mad Trist, Sleepy Sun, Kap Bambino, Wintersleep, Madensuyu, Automatic Sam, Baddies, The Strange Boys, The Cool Ice Crush Killers, The Kevin Costners, Bandito, Darko Esser, Three Trapped Tigers, Casiokids, Bishop Allen, Howlin’ Rain, TV Buddhas, Haunts, The Sin Committee, Lysogenic Cycle, The New Wine, Barbarella, Do Not Run We Are Your Friends, The Routines, Thunderheist, Dead Man Running, Mahjonng, New Sound Sistim, Sven Ratzke, Lucy Love, This Routine Is Hell, Jaune Toujours, Maria Fatima, Tommy Tornado, Spinifex Orchestra, Giorgos Gatzigristos, Dolly I Beg Your Pardon, Autorace, De Anale Fase, Simin Tander, Amazing Baby, Roger Gerressen, Dash!, Steve Mensink, My Boot Heels, Nissennemondai, Blowdown, Scrambled, Boy Gol, Pure, Liquid Snow, Still Flyin’, Planet Rose, M-Bition.


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